Q: Wine is nevertheless made from grapes, so always suitable for vegans?

A: All wines are made from grapes, but many wines also contain remnants of animal proteins and are therefore unfortunately not suitable for vegans.

Q: Why are there animal products in wine?

A: Wine is a bit cloudy at the end of the fermentation. This is due to the floating residual particles, which remain in the juice after fermentation. Because we like to drink a clear and clean wine, most wines are cleared with animal products. This therefore has nothing to do with quality, but only to make a wine optically more attractive.

Q: Which animal products are used to make clear the wine?

A: Milk proteins (casein), egg proteins (albumin), gelatin (from bones and cartilage of mammals) or fish glue (dried fish parts) are used for this. They connect with the residual particles in the wine and then deposit on the bottom of the tank.

Q: Why are Generation wines suitable for vegans?

A: Our Organic wines are clarified using bentonite, a clay-like mineral substance and are therefore suitable for all wine lovers, including vegetarians or vegans. So you can drink Generation O wines without any worries.

Q: Do you see on a wine label if it is vegan?

A: No, unfortunately not always. We know that it is quite difficult to recognize from a wine label whether the wine has been cleared with animal products. Sometimes you will find the VEGAN certification on the backlabel. But if you choose the Generation Label, you are guaranteed to be in the right place! We only use VEGAN certified winegrowers.

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