Welcome to our world of Generation Wines

Many generations can now be recognized; Generation X, the Baby Boomers, the Punica Generation, the Eistein generation, Generation Z and now Generation Alpha.
Before you know it, it is time for the NEXT Generation. And there is the generation gap…

We make wine that connects all generations; “GENERATION.wine”

Because.. You can live different lives and enjoy the same wine!

A generous wine made from healthy, tasty grapes. A “green” wine, whether white, red, sparkling or rosé.
A wine made with real attention to people and the planet; with an eye to future generations. A wine for all generations to enjoy together.



These wines are made with respect for PEOPLE, PLANET and HEALTH! The wines are Organic,
Fairtrade and/or sustainable certified with as few or no added sulphites as possible and very low in residual sugar.

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Share your generation experience!

Share your Generation wines moment by sending us a picture of it and the person you want to share it with! We select the ones that fit best and will send them to the person you choose!

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