A healthy working method results in cleaner and more stable grapes, which in turn are the basis for juicy and generous wines. At we go back to the origins, where wine really matters:

A healthy bunch of grapes that is bursting with pure juice will transform into an honest glass of wine.

Q: Why do the wines from GENERATION taste so pure?

A: The winemakers ensure that they only use healthy grapes from the best vineyards.

Q: Why are the wines from GENERATION organic?

A: We have a heart for nature and therefore also for our vineyards. We do not use fertilizers or chemicals that only harm the natural habitat. That is why we walk through wind and weather in the vineyard every day to support nature.  This is the only way also to be able to provide the vines a nutritious fertile soil for the future. In the end, a good grape only grows on healthy soil!

Nowadays there are various logos that you can find on a label, so that you know that the wine is made from organically grown grapes with attention for the vineyard. The GENERATION wines are officially certified and carry this European quality mark.

Q: what is the difference between biological and biodynamic?

A: No organic pesticides or fertilizers are used with an organic wine. To receive a vignette, the winegrower must cultivate the grapes according to European legal rules. Biodynamically goes one step further. The winegrower sees his vineyard as part of the cosmos. He works and harvests according to the ideas of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner, based more on the effect of the cosmos in relation to nature.

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